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I use the dot plot technique to document and compare key features among competitors. These features could be top-level site experiences, feature functionalities, or UX best practices.

Sometimes I work with business or marketing teams to determine which features to audit. The goal is to create a non-biased comparison of existing experiences to industry standards and identify UX design gaps for improvements.

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After completing the key feature audits, I may present the findings using a bar chart or comparison metrics with checkboxes for the executives.

Sometimes I even include annotated screen comparisons to help everyone get on the same page, providing visual evidence.

Together with dot plot mapping, metrics, and screenshot comparisons, we have compiled a comprehensive competitor landscape for UX design, ready for presentation.

Many of my clients don’t realize the strengths and weaknesses of their UX design until they see solid evidence. The dot plot is used as a qualitative method here, similar to how the US Fed and Central Bank show their officials’ expectations of changes in policy.

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