Metlife – Provider Portal

Provider Portal

The Metlife Provider Portal offers powerful features that enable doctors’ offices and hospitals to submit claims and check their statuses online.

I was initially involved in designing the process and dashboards for disability and dental claims. The dental claims are particularly complicated due to the variety of causes of injury and affected body parts. I took over the dental requirements and data to begin designing the wireframes and prototypes using Axure. One of the main design challenges is creating a streamlined claim submission process. Because of the constantly changing data, the claim form requires frequent redesigns. Whenever the wireframe is updated, the rapid prototype must be completely recoded. As a result, I need to provide daily updates on the design progress to the business and development teams.


MetLife is asking information architects to design the wireframe in high fidelity so that it looks exactly like the final product. This is causing a lot of issues, such as burnout and project delays. It’s important to note that the following screens are wireframes, not mockups.



The Dashboard primarily displays advanced claim search and recent claim statuses. It also provides links to access provider profiles and accounts for viewing payments. Individual providers can manage profiles, hospital addresses, and bank information. These functions seamlessly work across all screen sizes. Dental procedure details and payment information are all displayed on various devices, regardless of the number of treatments included in the claim.


Complex admin software like this should be done in Axure rapid prototype rather than invision or sketch. I am really glad Metlife client uses the right software. Occe the product is released, the feature updates and maintenance can be done with sketch mockups. The complexity of the updates is way less.

This is a multi-million dollar release project that has different development, UX, and business partners across United States. The prototype has been successfully handed over to functional requirement and development teams for releases.

Skills: IA, Axure Prototype, Wireframe

Compatible: Tablet, Mobile, Desktop

Client: Metlife