Metlife – Broker Portal

Broker Portal

MetLife’s Broker Portal is a significant project for their US business team. The business and capabilities requirements were written a few years in advance, and none of the wireframes their team had created before had been approved. I joined their Global Service Design Team in January 2017, and after a couple of successful projects, I was given the responsibility to redesign the broker dashboard. After the success of the dashboard prototype, I began designing the entire portal by mapping out the site and sketching low-fidelity wireframes on a whiteboard. The project turned out to be quite challenging, but I received very positive feedback from the business team. MetLife used the prototype to conduct a focus group with 20 brokers, who also gave positive feedback on the design.

The main design challenge is converting data from other formats such as PDFs and older designs into small Cards UI. Because the data changes frequently, the claim form requires constant redesign. Whenever the wireframe is updated, the rapid prototype has to be recoded completely. As a result, I need to communicate the design progress on a daily basis with the business and development team.

Metlife is asking information architects to design the wireframe in high fidelity so that it looks exactly like the final product. However, this approach is causing a lot of issues such as burnout and slowing down the project. It’s important to note that the following screens are wireframes, not mockups.

The success of broker portal design brings additional projects for the team including multi-million dollar projects like provider portal and other internal service products,

Skills: IA, Wireframe, Axure Prototype

Compatible: Desktop