On Demond TV

In 2016, I joined the Catchplay digital department to help expand their film distribution business into online streaming. Within 6 months, I was part of the team that developed the sub-brand and created core product features for various platforms. My main responsibilities included managing brand marketing design partners and digital agencies through the pitch process, on-boarding external contractors, and hiring UX/UI designers.

I am responsible for creating user flow, wireframe, and UI mockup designs for Set-top-box TV. My goal is to personalize the viewer’s journey and help them discover content based on their preferences, search/view history, and profile preferences. The design process begins with brainstorming between product and content teams, followed by low-fidelity wireframe sketches, feature design, and wireframe iterations.



Catchplay is the largest provider of premium movie content in Taiwan. The company aggregates content from Hollywood studios such as Disney, Warner Bros., NBC Universal, and Paramount, as well as offering a wide selection of international independent films and leading local productions for distribution on major digital platforms.

In 2015, CATCHPLAY established AsiaPlay Incorporated with the aim of becoming the top premium content service provider for movie enthusiasts in Asia.

In June 2016, the service platform was launched in Indonesia through collaborations with market leaders such as IndiHome, Telkom Indonesia. This was followed by expanded partnerships with Telkomsel, Indosat, and First Media. In Singapore, there was a collaboration with the leading telecommunication operator, StarHub.



Skills: Indeisgn, Photoshop, AI, WF

Compatible: TV

Client: Catchplay on Demand