Before starting the wireframing process, one effective way to design a portal or website with multiple modular widgets is to create schematics in low fidelity. Without any user interface elements or content, designers can get an overview of the page layout in terms of load time and hierarchy.

We refer to this method as “quickly demoing a complex website layout to explain the hierarchy before presenting detailed wireframes.” This is particularly useful when designing for marketplace storefronts such as Tmall and Amazon.

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In 2013, I led the UX design for Clinique’s flagship store launch on Tmall. We ensured that the design process and guiding principles stuck to creative content and innovative ways of storytelling. Instead of the traditional flyer-like shopping experience, I aimed to integrate a similar experience to what shoppers get from retail stores and make the brand’s editorial content highly. interactive. The launch of Clinique’s Tmall store was a huge success in China. The sales numbers and conversionsations by at least 10%.

Skills: Content Strategy, WF, AI

Compatible: Tmall

Client: Clinique